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Roby and I have decided to live "lightly". Come along for the journey of the construction and trials and tribulations of living in the Tiny House.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gift for the Tiny House


Roby and I celebrated my birthday in style at the Vichy Hot Springs in Ukiah. (Read Off the Grid blog for details). On our way back to Hopland we did a bit of shopping. Always need to gather supplies when you are in town. Roby has been wanting a memory foam for our futon mattress. He complains it is too hard and matted down. He does not seem to have any trouble sleeping in till 8:00 am though. We tried a mattress shop but they did not have one. The lady suggested we try Kohl's. We have never been to the store before and realized it was a glorified Target. They did have the real memory foam but it was beyond our budget. They did have a supped up "egg crate" style memory foam on sale for 60% off. He said he was buying it as my birthday gift. I knew better. We decided to call it a one month anniversary gift for the tiny house. Roby now sleeps in till 9:00 am.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back on Track

April 3rd 2010

The house had been put on hold for awhile and we tended to tasks around the site. Really we were waiting for Phil to come back to fix and repair the shower. He pulled into town the first part of April and he was a welcome site. In one day he had the shower pipes resoldered and ready to go. He spent the balance of his time waterproofing the shower seams and putting in the "dirt" shower floor. It works well because you can mold it according to the slope you need. However, it needs several days to dry and harden before we can put down the tile. Unfortunately it is not very warm and has been raining non-stop for a week so the drying time will be extended. We are back on track though. Maybe we will have a bathroom by the end of April.

We got super excited because Lawrence who is a professional furniture and cabinet maker has come to help out with the closets and shelving. The final pieces are getting set in place. We arrived home today from a quick trip for my birthday and found four shelves built in our closet and hopefully we will have a bamboo rack to hang some of our clothes up on by the end of the evening. He is going to make some bamboo doors for our closet and kitchen cupboards. This place is shaping up!

Almost ready for a house-warming party.